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Website homepage for therapy business. Branding and logo at top of page with dropdown header links. Majority of page is background image of man talking to another person whose back shoulder is only visible. Large white text overlays image, "Treating Trauma" with supporting text about therapy services. Below image are two text boxes with more supporting information about services. | Website redesign, brand management and inbound marketing. 187% growth in website traffic. 220% newsletter growth.

Website homepage featuring background image of condos against blue sky. Image is slightly faded and has text in center overlaying it. Links in top right corner and one link below center text. | 41% Mailing list open rate (16% Industry Average)

Website homepage for a law firm. Background image of San Diego city skyline at dusk. Overlaying image is text ranging in size including name of company and links to contact. At the top of page there is a logo and other links within a white background text box. At the bottom of the page under the image of the skyline is more contact information within a red background box. | 426% increase in newsletter subscribers with an 33% open rate (industry average 22%)

Logo design for a wrestling club. Head of a yellow, menacing lion facing to the left with text protruding from bottom of its mane below. The text is the name of the wrestling club in varsity letterman jacket blocky font. Text is split into three separate lines. Top line is in black, middle is in yellow, and bottom text is in black.
Book cover design. Background color is navy blue. Top of cover includes graphic of a house roof with windows. Text below graphic makes it seem like it's the foundation of this house. All caps white text across the page, "Buy it, rent it," and below all caps red text across the page "Profit!" Supporting text in grey below in between two grey horizontal lines under all caps text. Author's name in white stretched across the bottom of cover.

Book Design

“Thoroughly impressed with Nathan and the crew. They were/are quick to respond, thorough, and I felt completely comfortable handing them over the 'keys' to my website/domains/hosting/etc. I look forward to working with them again for sure!”
“2 words I would use to describe Allison’s Alligator Digital Storytellers...SIMPLY AMAZING! They helped me grow my online presence and introduced me to new marketing techniques that took my business to another level. I will not hesitate to use them again.”
“It was a pleasure working with Allison's Alligator! They helped me get my website up in running well within the time they said it would be done. I lost all the info on my last website and they helped me recover it all and make it better!”