Pro Partner

Mailchimp certified Pro Partner with 11 years of experience integrating Mailchimp and WordPress. I integrate your website and Mailchimp.

San Diego, CA
  • Have a WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix website and need a way to gather email addresses?

  • Need to integrate your website and Mailchimp?

  • Don’t have a website or landing page to gather email addresses?

I can help!

I’m a certified Mailchimp Pro Partner and a Mailchimp power user for over 11 years and I’ve built over 128 WordPress websites for clients.

\ \ It’s surprising how many websites don’t come with subscription forms that attract and encourage email subscriptions.

\ \ You need to build trust, and a relationship with leads, customers, and past customers. Email marketing is the easiest and most efficient way to do that.

I can add a subscription form to your website and integrate your website with Mailchimp. In fact, I’ll suggest we add your subscription form in a few different places on your site to get the most eyeballs and gather the most email addresses.

\ I’ll also make sure your forms are compliant with the data protection regulations in your area.

  • Need a free eBook as a lead generation item for your site? I can help!

  • Need an automated email to deliver your lead generation item? I can help!

  • Need your blog posts sent automatically? I can help!