Finnsys Academy

We provide complete Digital marketing solutions for a a specific section - Financial Product Intermediaries or Distributors - MF, Insurance, Loans etc

Uttar Pradesh, India
English, Hindi

We cater to a specific business group: Financial Product Distributors

Loans | Insurance | Mutual Funds | Stock | Bonds

We are a trainer for all type of Financial Product distributors. Our training covers three different aspects of every Financial Product Distributor :

  1. A : Attitude

  2. S : Skill

  3. K : Knowledge

We deliver our ASK series to provide overall growth in the business of respective distributors.

Of Course , the core theme of our training is - communication ! And when it comes to use Digital medium to communicate, we help our clients in terms of following three things :

  • Calendar Planning

  • Content Planning

  • Campaign Planning

We add our clients under our editorial authority and use the template section and/or Landing page section to create the smart designs and content for instant use. Our team puts in the content as per pre-decided calendar and activity. We conduct a preliminary counselling session (online) to understand your communication requirements, budget, and target ROI

We are reachable at for any business enquiry or you can check our Digital Marketing plan at :

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