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Supporting Small Business with their Email Marketing by either doing it for you or showing you how! Whether you're a newbie or wanting to brush up - I'm here!

Devon, United Kingdom

“It’s massively important to have an email list” – How many times have you heard that? It’s true that it’s pretty powerful when it comes to making sales; and unlike your social media, you own it, should Facebook suddenly pull the plug!

By having an email list, you can contact your potential customers & customers anytime, about anything you like. You can reach out to tell them about something exciting happening in your business, like a launch or an update, or just add value by sharing your blogs and latest advice.

How Can We Work Together?

I’ve worked with many clients to set up their mailing list and grow them too, send out automated email sequences and regular newsletters, as well as 5-day challenges.

I can support you with a ‘done for you service’:

  • Help you set up an account with Mailchimp.

  • Set up subscriber lists including grouping, tagging, and adding segments to your audience.

  • Create regular newsletter emails including copywriting if required.

  • Set up a landing page or sign up form on your site, to help gain new subscribers.

  • Create your lead magnet, e.g. PDF download, Swipe File, etc

  • Set up automated emails, e.g. Lead Magnet delivery or Welcome Email

  • Create automation such as welcome or nurture sequences, or Challenge emails.

Ready to upskill your email marketing knowledge?

My Mailchimp Power Hour is 60 minutes to increase your knowledge of Mailchimp so you can use it more effectively for your business. Through a Zoom video call, we’ll share screens and I will provide bespoke advice on your specific business.

We can cover anything on Mailchimp, including;

  • Setting up your subscriber lists

  • Organising your subscribers

  • Building templates for regular newsletters/emails

  • Setting up Automated sequences

  • How to send & schedule emails

All you need to do is fill out my questionnaire prior to our call, so I can make sure we make the most of your time getting your specific questions answered.

What’s more, I’m Mailchimp Certified, so you can rest assured you’re in safe, knowledgable hands.

I’d love to hear from you!

Mailchimp Academy Foundations Certification
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