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We're Mailchimp's biggest fans and over the years we've helped many of our clients to make the best use of it, גם בעברית כמובן :)

Mailchimp is full of features and each project has its own specific needs. Let us look, together with you, for the best way for you to use Mailchimp (and Mandrill!).

We'll then assist you in implementing the working plan we came up with - we'll cover everything! Things like developing a customized newsletter theme, subscription forms and archive lists, list management through Mailchimp's API, and of course - sending email campaigns.

But it's not over there - Then comes the best part, constantly analyzing the results of the activities and using this data to improve the campaign, but also - more importantly - making you more money.

We invite you to contact us with your needs and allow us to deliver the solution, from idea to reality!