Cadform is an owner managed boutique marketing agency based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We are specialised in on and off-line branding and communication.

Utrecht, Netherlands
+31 (0)30 239 3119

We are specialised in on and off-line branding and communication. We offer flexible solutions for current marketing and branding challenges; from strategic planning to practical day-to-day support. Together, we’ll analyse and agree on the short term and long term objectives and we’ll 'dig-in' according to what’s immediately needed for your company. What’s your current situation? Where do you wish to navigate to in this challenging socio-economic environment? We’ll support you with your immediate transitional needs; from brick to mortar for example. Mind-boggling speed at which transition is moving forward needs to be followed through and we can help you thrive.

Email marketing is a key service at Cadform. Increasing the visibility of your brand online, promoting or introducing new products, organising a Zoom or Instagram Live event or in need to collect leads; we are super comfortable with these matters. With personalised email marketing, you can reach the right target audience at the right moment. By expanding on the data with relevant input and target group preferences, we are able to precisely tune email marketing.

Such a tool is Mailchimp. We know it inside out. We’re a Mailchimp Agency Partner. We can help you with a Mailchimp template in your brands look and feel. We’ll also show you the way how to efficiently apply the best practises to have optimum results. You can do it yourself once familiar with the best operating practises or we’ll do it for you or with you. Up to you. We can support with news letters, calls to action, creating automated mailings and optimum database management. And if needed, work hand in hand with our owner driven team for sticky copy, impactful graphics. We constantly analyse our work and the effectivity to frequently optimise for maximum impact and result.

Image of a newsletter with title "Email Wiseguy" for Wiseguy Suspenders.

Email Wiseguy Suspenders

Image of a newsletter with wording "Abandoned Card Wiseguy" for abandoned carts.

Abandoned card campaign Wiseguy Suspenders

Image of a newsletter for Elephant Parade that says "Let's paint a brighter future"

Email template Elephant Parade

Image of a monthly newsletter for Aevitae with photos of a nurse, woman laying down, and a woman gardening.

Monthly newsletter Aevitae

Image of an email template that says "Creating tomorrow's governance" with a sunset design.

Email template Hemingway Professional Governance