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Chimp Answers is a marketing agency focused 100% on Mailchimp and helping businesses big and small make the most of it.
Epsom, Surrey, United Kingdom
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Chimp Answers is a marketing agency 100% focused on Mailchimp. We don’t use any other email tool, we don’t spread our expertise in areas that aren’t Mailchimp, if you’re using Mailchimp, then lets talk. We work with small businesses, va’s and entrepreneurs to make the most of Mailchimp and ensure that it fits within their bigger marketing picture.

Email is only a part of the equation, and what happens before and after email has a huge impact on the email activity itself. How do I get the right people into my audience? How do I segment them effectively? How do I automate communication and ensure it goes to the right people with the right message? How do I get the message across effectively? What am I trying to do with email in the first place? If you can’t answer these questions, then book a free chat with us here -

Stuff We Do Training & Development - helping you understand the inner workings of MailChimp, but also focusing on what you need to know to use it successfully… and of course, how it all fits in the bigger picture. Implementation - don’t want to do it yourself?… we can work with you to develop and implement your email marketing strategy to maximise your returns. Connectivity - Need to get your data from one system to another? Wonder what you should be doing with the forms on your website? Strategy - not sure how to make the most of the ‘chimp?… we work to build a plan that’s right for you and your customers, achieving your goals and building solid lasting relationships with the people that matter… the people who keep you in business. Advice & Tips - we want to share our love of Mailchimp. That’s why in early 2016 we launched the Facebook group Mailchimp Answers, which is now the largest community of Mailchimp users in the world - a place where you can get advice, tips and help on all things Mailchimp from us and other Mailchimp experts.

Stuff We Don’t Do There are lots of Mailchimp experts out there… and they offer help in lots of areas that we don’t cover. …if you’re looking for lavishly designed custom email templates, there are others that are better (although we’d argue that content trumps design every single time) …if you’re looking for custom system development, you’ll find many more qualified experts than us to deliver on your plans (but for most of us, knowing how to handle getting people into your audience with the right information doesn’t need to be a massively complicated activity - and that’s something we can do) …if you’re looking for someone to handle all aspects of your marketing (from social media to SEO and PPC), we can certainly advise on strategy, but there are many more qualified agencies out there. We’re 100% Mailchimp focused.

Who we love working with Our focus is on smaller businesses looking to add or improve their existing Mailchimp activity - the engine of every national economy. …a small business looking to implement a way to communicate with their most important customers. …an entrepreneur who wants a fully automated way of building a relationship with new prospects. …a VA who needs to offer comprehensive & effective email services to their clients. We see email as a force for good, for building valuable relationships with the people who matter in your business… and we want to help you do that. Email can easily be turned into a force for evil - random, unplanned communications; untargeted and irrelevant content; unethical list building activities; we’re don’t want to be near that stuff.

Why you should give us a call When it comes down to it, Mailchimp is purely a means to an end. Using Mailchimp effectively means the people you need to communicate with get the message… the right message. …which means it arrives when it’s supposed to. …it conveys the message effectively. …and it contains information relevant to them. Mailchimp is a communication tool - we help you harness it effectively for your small business, and ensure it works seemlessly with all your other marketing activity. Book a free 15 minute chat here -