Covert Nine

A full service development and digital agency for music festivals and small businesses with a focus on content and template design for email marketing.

Chicago, United States

COVERT NINE is a full service digital agency that's worked with some of Chicago's biggest brands since starting in 2013. Past and current clients include Riot Fest, Harry Caray's Restaurant Group, Rockit Ranch Productions, Randolph Street Market, StarEvents, Gateway Green, Marmon Group, Union Tank Car Company, Pioneer Tavern Group, and DoStuff Media.

We've been using MailChimp since 2010 for our clients with a focus on email template design and development, WordPress development, email marketing strategy, content strategy, and digital marketing campaigns that get results.

Screenshot of email template.

Riot Fest Shows Email Template

Screenshot of custom email template.

High-Fi Indy Events Email Template

Screenshot of email template.

Epic Events Email Template

Screenshot of email template.

SomruS Liqueur Email Template

Screenshot of email template design.

Riot Brand E-Commerce Email Template

“Covert Nine listened carefully to our needs and thoroughly explained the pros and cons with the different approaches to design and development. They used very straightforward, honest language that made us feel they had our best interests at heart.”
“Wells Lamont highly recommends Covert Nine. They are professional, easy to work with, honest, responsive, creative, knowledgeable and committed to excellence. They delivered our website ahead of schedule, and remain a valuable resource to our company.”
“Riot Fest has worked with COVERT NINE for over 6 years now. C9 re-designed our email marketing templates to be more content-focused, which has significantly improved our open rates and lead to more conversions and better overall results for our campaigns.”
“COVERT NINE helped us re-design our email templates, and digitized our online application process for over 20 large scale events with specific email list integration for our vendors and customers--saving us hundreds of hours each year.”