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Dandelions Digital provides award winning personal and comprehensive digital communication services for municipalities and nonprofits.

United States

DandelLions Digital is a full service digital communications agency specializing in municipal government and non profit communication and content. We develop client eNewsletters and social media content for all of or our full service clients. MailChimp is our eNewsletter software of choice for its ease of use and beautiful formatting. Recently we received awards for digital newsletters from the National Association of Government Communicators and the Pennsylvania Association of Township Supervisors.

For our municipal clients we offer monthly digital newsletters, regular social media posting to all channels, monthly analytics reporting and great content generation to keep your residents and visitors informed about their local government.

Our non profit clients value our expertise in data management, donor management systems, digital donor outreach via emailed newsletters, website forms, and social media posts.

We believe email marketing is an integral part of any organizations digital marketing efforts and is an especially effective tool for municipalities and non-profits. MailChimp is our email software of choice because we just love it’s clean templates, ease of use, analytics reporting, website forms/pop-ups, and integrations with other software apps we use. Using MailChimp has made all of our email marketing efforts easy and seamless!

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