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We are an agile marketing agency. We master email and beyond.

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Email is one of the best online marketing tools available. Yet, it’s often underestimated or wrongly used. With us, you can have our 8 years of experience using Mailchimp for our clients. We can help you to set the right strategy, create the design and content, figure out all the audiences, tags and groups, and also manage your campaigns to get the most out of them—for your brand and your sales results.

Beyond that, we master more

  • Performance marketing. Online (PPC) campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms are what we're great at. We've come a long way since we started 8 years ago, and now we manage lead generation and digital sales campaigns for more than a hundred projects around the world.
  • Content marketing. While online campaigns may help drive higher sales, we can also create content that adds credibility to your brand and promotes the relationship with your customers—on social media or your brands content portal.
  • Data analytics. We always stress the importance of having the right data when making decisions. Having strong expertise at Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Data Studio or Hotjar, we can help you to set up the right analytical process, and make sure you have everything measured correctly.
  • Full-service. We can also take full responsibility for the entire marketing of your project. If it’s a new one business idea, we will handle it from the market validation to scaling your project on the market. Why? We’ve done it dozens of times for our clients using an agile marketing approach.
Image of a campaign for Bohemia Paper

Bohemia Paper—a luxury paper e-shop newsletter

Image of Oziveni campaign

Oziveni—a newsletter for an NGO helping education city representatives

Image of Shortcut newsletter

SHORTCUT—a newsletter for a business community network