Email Campaigns by Michael Daehn

Michael Daehn is an expert at helping you get customers from your website and building relationship through email marketing.

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Custom Websites and Email Campaigns by Michael Daehn

With two decades of email experience, Michael Daehn knows how to build campaigns to engage both current customers and prospects to increase leads, repeat business and referrals. He designs email templates, newsletters and automated campaigns that work to promote your business. See examples in his Portfolio.


Sending an email newsletter on a regular basis is an effective way to build relationships with your subscribers. By communicating weekly, bi-weekly or monthly you stay top of mind for additional business and referrals.


Automated email workflows send a series of predefined messages based on the form that is filled out or they are added to a list. For example, when someone signs up for your newsletter, they would also get a series of emails explaining what the company is about. Similar automations can be created for content downloads, information requests, client onboarding, follow ups, etc.


Annoying, yes. Effective, also yes. Get people on your email list by creating a popover that appears based on their behavior, a timer, or when it looks like they are going to leave your site.

Email newsletter template. White background with logo at top center of page. Below the logo is a red rectangle box that lays horizontally across the page. White, capitalized text inside which appears to be the slogan. White logo in right bottom corner of red box. Below, black and bold text as CTA with an accompanying blue contact button. Below, left-aligned text in a smaller font with supporting bullet points.

Email Template Redesign

Image of an option to get a free professional website audit popup with the text would you like to get more customers from your website?
Image of a pop up to put in your email address to "get the guide: 7 ways to protect your windows and keep them clean"
Image of a form to "get the ultimate home seller's checklist"