Ematic Solutions

Ematic Solutions is a global digital marketing tools and services provider highly specialized and certified in Mailchimp and email marketing strategy.

Singapore, EU, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, US
English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai, Bahasa, Serbian

Ematic Solutions is a global digital marketing tools and services provider highly specialized in Mailchimp and email marketing strategy. We're the largest Mailchimp certified partner in terms of number of satisfied clients and growing with existing offices across EU, Southeast Asia and US regions.

Contact us at: mcexperts@ematicsolutions.com

Key Services We Offer:

  • Beginner & Advanced Mailchimp Training

  • Campaign Management Services: Building campaigns/templates, scheduling & sending, setting up and maintaining email automations, A/B tests

  • Engineering and Integration Services: Integrate Mailchimp with your website/online store, social media channels or other marketing platforms/CRMs and internal systems. We also offer custom coded Mailchimp API integrations, google analytics integrations help, etc.

  • Mailchimp Data Management Services: Migrate contacts from other platforms into Mailchimp, structure your mailing lists and contacts, list segmentation and maintenance, etc

  • End-to-end execution and consulting on email marketing strategy: We offer help with improving key open/click and deliverability rates, growing email revenue & ROI, defining mailing calendars, performance reporting and analytics, best practice recommendations, subscriber growth strategy, etc

Other Ematic Products and Services:

Ematic Labs: We offer a suite of in-house plug & play tools that integrate seamlessly with your existing marketing ecosystem. Our flagship product Hi-iQ is an AI based app that helps you optimize your email marketing database and reach out to the right audience at the right time, effectively increasing you open/click/delivery rates and user engagement, growing email ROI and help keep email marketing costs under control.

If you're interested in a demo reach out at: mcexperts@ematicsolutions.com

Elixus Digital Agency: Need help with creative services, social media management and performance marketing, web development/design and SEO? Check out our dedicated digital agency team at: https://www.elixusagency.com/

Ematic MarTech Marketplace: Looking into using digital marketing communication channels besides email? Be it web push, mobile app push/in-app messages, SMS or other Ematic can help. We leverage a large number of technology partners at our marketing technologies marketplace. We can help you purchase and implement any digital marketing platform at below market rates and help you optimize your whole marketing stack.

Reach out to find out more: mcexperts@ematicsolutions.com

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