Executive Team

We assist the small businesses with our marketing expertise to move with their limited budget, turn into a profit making business, and spread their wings.


Executive Team, owned by Mohammad Mofidul Alam, is a marketing agency that provides chatbot, email marketing and social media marketing solutions for businesses all over the world. It worked for amazon sellers to distribute one-time coupon code for discount offers. It also collected review of their sold products. Our marketing solutions helped (1) life coaches to collect leads and sell their online courses, (2) land business owners to sell lands, (3) insurance agents to collect leads (4) Saas companies to convert their website visitors into customers (5) air ticket sellers and tourism businesses to serve their customers' queries (6) retailers to sell more stuff (7) Fitness trainers to get more clients (8) musicians to sell their albums. We understand you and your business. We assist the startups move with their limited budget and turn into a profit making business. We help small businesses adopt all the digital marketing channels and spread their wings.

Holiday card with flower design
Email template layout.
Email template layout.
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Email template layout