Feedback Marketing Re-Productions

Specialists in the creation and implementation 
of digital marketing campaigns

Barcelona, Spain
English, Spanish, Catalan
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We re-evolution the implementation of your digital marketing campaigns by scaling them to any media in the swiftest, cheapest and most flexible way possible. We undertake furthering the evolution of your original campaigns by adapting them to all on-line support media and formats while multiplying the number of pieces in less time and less cost. We incorporate the latest digital piece design trends: fully responsive, html5, etc. The days when programmatic advertising, idiomatic adaptations or A/B testing or multiple e-mailings were a headache are over. E-mailing campaigns: strategic advisory and full email marketing implementation, templates designs, html, etc. Banners design: static / dynamic / interstitials, pop-ups, mini banners. Social networks post and social ads: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter posts and animated stories, covers for Facebook / Twitter, etc. Digital Signage

Email template shown as five different versions in iPhone view. 5 different iPhones with one at center and the rest are faded in background. Red background. Center phone shows email template content including multiple boxes with images and hyperlinks with branding.

Design of graphic assets for Sevilla FC social networks: creation and adaptation of visuals for measurements and post requirements on social networks (photo and video) on Facebook and Instagram. Formats: MP4, jpg

Image of phone screens with Sevilla FC site

Sevilla FC - Mailchimp implementation Modular template design and programming for Sevilla FC implemented in Mailchimp, with different variants for each type of newsletter.

Image of email campaigns on tablets

Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera - Emailing campaigns, with dynamic content customization based on the profile and individual interests of each user (one to one). More than 150 newsletters per year exceeding 1,500,000 email sent.