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Penzance, United Kingdom
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Do you need help with your email marketing, retaining your customers and increasing your profits? FouldsCRM can help.

We are award-winning digital marketing specialists who offer bespoke email marketing campaigns, Customer Retention Management (CRM) strategies and customer-focused content.

Regardless of your industry, maintaining a great relationship with your customer is essential for your success. We use specialist techniques to target, engage and retain your customers.

We send the right message, to the right person, at the right time, at the right frequency. So, you can see an immediate effect on your revenue, and we keep your customers coming back, time after time.

Our Services include:

Email Marketing

  • Using Mailchimp, we can set up your account, import your customer lists, tag and integrate with your e-commerce site and optimise your email marketing strategy

  • We can create flexible email marketing templates that align with your company values, branding, website and social platforms.

  • We provide training in Mailchimp to show you how to manage your email campaigns or, we are happy to handle it for you.

  • We can set up and run marketing automation to ensure your customers are targeted at any stage of the customer lifecycle.

CRM Strategy and management

  • We develop, cost and implement specialist Customer Retention Management strategies to maximise the lifetime value of your customers.

  • We create and manage sophisticated customer-focused communications across email marketing, websites, SMS and direct mail.

  • We project manage all resources in and out of house, to ensure that campaigns are achieved accurately, effectively and within your budget.

  • We guarantee the effectiveness of all our campaigns by optimising, measuring, evaluating and reporting back to you.

  • We research your client base to create in-depth customer profiles and behaviours to inform your campaign strategy accurately.

Targeting your VIP’s

  • We have a proven track record of developing and nurturing high-spend VIP customers.

  • We design and run high-quality VIP customer email and direct mail campaigns on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Do you want to turn your one-time visitors into loyal, returning customers? So do we. Get in touch with Christine at FouldsCRM.


Tell: (0044)788 0505 777


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