We find the right place for your automated and regular newsletters in your funnel to maximize your profits from your subscribers.


In the era of social media e-mail campaigns are forced to the bench. At least most of short-sighted "marketers" believe that. But that is not true.

Your most loyal followers and customers are not the ones who likes your pages on your Instagram feed. A dedicated fan subscribe on your newsletters, because they want to hear your true stories. They understand your inside jokes. In this platform you can truly build up an honest, value-based relationship with them.

E-mails are shiny gems in your range of channels, since only true fans take their time to read newsletters. And without a doubt they are your most precious ones.

Screenshot of marketing analytics.

In this article we discussed a proper marketing strategy for e-commerce businesses who are strive for incredibly high ROAS.

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Here you can find our most successful MailChimp automated campaigns about e-commerce optimization.

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Honestly, couldn't be prouder to our team. Each and every member have a high apetite for new ideas and alternative ways to market our clients.

“A cégünknek készítik a marketing kampányokat és szépen jönnek a vásárlások. Csak ajánlani tudom őket! Gyors, hatékony, profi csapat jó stratégiai rálátással.”
“Kiemelkedő online marketing ügynökség, örülök, hogy rájuk találtam! Rendszeresen olvasom a blog cikkeket, amikből rengeteget tanulok!”
“Segítőkész és ötletgazdag csapat! Stabil megbízható együttmőködés jellemzi a munkájukat!”