Good & Gold Marketing

We are a digital marketing and design agency specializing in e-commerce with a focus on email marketing/automation, paid media, SEO, and web design.

Portland, Oregon
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Good & Gold is a digital marketing and design agency. With our proven recipe of tactical planning, thoughtful goal-setting, and sharp analysis, we aim to elevate your vision to efficiently deliver transformative results. We love partnering with like-minded, ambitious organizations that believe in the power of smart, data-driven digital marketing.

Transparency is our priority—we communicate directly and respectfully, in the spirit of collaboration and honesty. A wide variety of clients, from small businesses and start-ups to regional and national brands, have turned to us as a trusted partner and extension of their internal teams.

We are strategists, writers, designers, data nerds, and problem solvers—we love what we do, and we are committed to enjoying the process. Our success is your success, and we intend to celebrate it.

Our services include Email Marketing & Automation, SEO, Paid Media, and Website Design & Optimization

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In marketing, you're only as good as your results. That's why we offer our clients full transparency into our tactics and outcomes—so that they can plan and adjust budgets efficiently and effectively.