We show businesswomen how to use branded content to connect with their audiences & grow their businesses.

Atlanta, Georgia

We're an all-female collective of strategists helping women-led businesses develop their brands and build better customer relationships.

We help you bridge what you care about with what your audience cares about so you can give ‘em the kind of marketing content they want (and get paid). You'll leave with a solid plan to generate customer loyalty for your brand and you know what that means…more revenue!

Our Services

Brand Content Strategy

We’ll work with you to define your brand’s content pillars, discover the best avenue to distribute your content and help you devise a game plan to do it. We’re also pretty great at copywriting, so if you’d like to have us create some foundational content for you, we can talk about that too.

Brand Strategy + Development

We work with you to define your brand objectives, foundations, and amplify what makes you unique. In this engagement, we help you nail down your brand foundations (purpose, vision, mission, values), personality (voice, tone, & message), audience, and your unique selling proposition.

Looking for some visuals? Add on Brand Identity! We'll apply your new strategy to create or update the look & feel of your brand with a moodboard, logo, color palette, typeface suggestions, and Brand Guidelines.

Digital Marketing Strategy

You know who you are, but need help marketing you’re offering? Cool. We’ll help you assess your business goals and create a marketing plan to help you reach them. We'll gather data from your audience & competitors to position your brand and craft a message to convey the features and benefits of your brand to people who “get you.”

Email Marketing Strategy

72% percent of email users prefer to receive marketing messages via email. The trick is getting them to open the campaigns! We’ll help you build an engaging email marketing plan that screams personality and fosters authentic customer relationships using advanced email marketing features to personalize the experience.

Launch Campaign Strategy

Get ready for takeoff, friend! In this engagement, we help you set campaign goals that align with your business goals, identify your target audience, and craft a campaign message that resonates with them. We outline campaign content, channels, a launch schedule, and follow-up with post-campaign metrics analysis.