We help businesswomen develop personable brands by focusing on building customer relationships and delivering personalized online experiences.

Atlanta, Georgia
(404) 793-5323

We're an all-female collective of strategists and consultants helping our fellow businesswomen develop their brands and build better customer relationships.

You can engage our firm in two ways:

  • Enroll in a group planning program and build your business up with a little help from some new friends. You'll work in cohorts of six over the course of six weeks and leave with the ability to convey what makes your business unique, plus tried-and-true tactics to win your customers over and in turn, generate more revenue.

  • Enlist our help directly if you want to skip the D-I-Y part of things. Get straight down to business collaborating with capable women ready to do the research, build the strategy, and put everything in place so that when you're ready, you can pull the trigger.

Here's what we're really good at:

  • Brand Strategy + Development

  • Brand Identity

  • Content Strategy + Creation

  • Email Marketing Strategy + Automation

  • Launch Campaign Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Mailchimp Training