Happiness Marketing / Nicolai Froehlich

Designs + codes for happy results with your email, e-commerce, website, branding, social media, and business cards.

Zürich, Switzerland
English, Swiss-German
+1 646-408-8137

Get Mailchimp Expert help to:

  • Create Email Templates, mobile-friendly, drag and drop responsive design, for ad hoc marketing, transactional, and RSS-feed email updates.

  • Connect E-commerce websites and email: Wordpress Website ecommerce with Mailchimp for WooCommerce, Shopify with Shopsync, PayPal and Stripe.

  • Create Abandoned Cart email for E-commerce to remind customers what they’ve left behind and encourage them to complete their purchase.

  • Create beautiful, personalized Order Notifications emails for E-commerce transactional automation that match your branding and recommend related products. Includes Order Confirmation, Shipping Confirmation, Order Invoice, Cancellation Confirmation, Refund Confirmation, and Product Review for feedback with a quick survey.

  • A/B test subject line, send time and day, layout for improved engagement.

  • Automate welcome emails.

  • Review results (open and clicks)

  • Schedule email campaigns.

  • Match your brand identity.

  • Upload and segment subscribers for specific lists and groups and interest, and clean soft and hard bounce emails addresses.

  • Add sign up links and forms to your website, social media, emails.

  • Connect and integrate to Eventbrite to accept payments, survey, and social media.

  • Responsive design makes it easy to view text and images on big and small screens since the layout changes are based on the aspect ratio and screen size.

Join monthly emails + discounts offers to inspire, connect, + improve your online & printed marketing.

Based in Europe (Paris, Madrid, Zürich) and the US (New York, Charlotte, NC) working for clients worldwide (mostly in the USA).

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Image of Turkish Towel gif of order/cancellation confirmations.Image of Turkish Towel gif of order/cancellation confirmations.

He set up our account, helped market our products more efficiently and effectively, yet take less time. Our first email campaign alone recouped the cost of investment. We continue to realize previously lost additional income from automation notifications.

Image of two luxury watchesImage of two luxury watches

Redesigned email template for luxury goods, jewelry, and watches seller Les Ambassadeurs AG in Luzern, Switzerland, to be mobile-friendly, and easy to update using drag-and-drop editor, with consistent company branding in four languages.

Image of Facebook options of interest
Image of Facebook options of interest

Nicolai helped Projekt Interim GmbH solve segment our clients into auto update lists very pragmatically and in a quick and responsive manner. He gave good inputs and was very engaged. Highly recommended!

Image of Power of two newsletter campaign.

Created a functional email template and first newsletter campaign for non-profit Power of Two in Queens, New York City that helps reduce toxic stress for parents while improving child development. Made in a VERY tight deadline with positive results.

Image of tables from Pender with the text Forward thinking. finding value. Monthly funds and performance updateImage of tables from Pender with the text Forward thinking. finding value. Monthly funds and performance update

Custom coded data table to show fund monthly and yearly performance chart for Vancouver, Canada investment firm Penderfund for existing company-branded email template. Works well on desktop and mobile devices. Easy for client to update.