Imagine Media Consulting

We help companies build relationships with their target audience on social media, specifically through custom content, strategy & analytics.

Atlanta, Georgia
+1 678-465-8982

We are a group of highly motivated individuals who strive to provide so much more than your ideal Social Media presence. We are a Social Media Marketing Agency specializing in content creation and customer management through dedicated account support and relationship building.

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In the Imagine Media office, we put the team first. Whether it's listening to feedback, jumping to help someone with a challenge or collaborating on a creative project, the Imagineers are committed to teamwork.

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We take pride in being truly accountable for our actions, responsibilities and even our mistakes. That includes treating every account or project as our own and take steps to constantly learn & improve from challenges.

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A fast-paced work environment often calls for problem solving. We think on our feet to come up with creative solutions to whatever obstacles come our way. Grit is at the core of everything we do.

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Building relationships among the team and with our partners is the biggest part of what we do. In order to establish a relationship built on trust, we put an emphasis on being transparent.

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The Imagineers live life outside of their comfort zones. We encourage our teammates to try new things, set big goals and explore as much as possible.

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We love our community and are driven to give back any way we can.