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Inbox Hero helps micro & small businesses by training you how to use Mailchimp, building automations for you and creating strategies for success.

Bristol, United Kingdom
0117 369 0030

Hi, I’m Jon, the email marketing expert at Inbox Hero. Email marketing is my only focus, which gives me a deep insight and a lot of experience of what works – and how that can apply to new businesses I work with. This focus means I’m an expert in training businesses how to use Mailchimp, and regularly blog about updates as and when they happen. I have online and in-person courses on how to use Mailchimp for different business types and for different marketing stages. I can also help with any automation, no matter how complex – as well as getting your data management sorted. The one thing I normally do with everyone I speak to is to create a roadmap for your success by benchmarking what you’re doing currently, what we could improve and then a guide on what you can work on in the future, so you’re always looking (and moving) ahead!

Image of a person speaking in front of a group of people

Jon delivering his “Mailchimp: A Crash Course” to business owners at the NatWest Entrepreneurship Accelerator.

Image of multiple newsletters from Inbox Hero

Template designs for a welcome automation sequence.

Image of Inbox hero Reader experience Benchmarking

Setting up you for success with 15 different benchmarking plans, depending on your situation and strategy.

Image of Speechy's email list opt-in

Intelligent popups with built-in hidden fields to reduce users supplying unnecessary information.

Image of automations chart

Planning out automations as flowcharts BEFORE firing up the Chimp.

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