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Increase revenue from your store with market leading integrations and automated emails that add sales automatically.

Nelson, New Zealand
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You’re probably a lot like us. You want to grow your revenue. As the owner of an ecommerce store, growing your revenue is easy with Mailchimp.

\ Your website is your 24/7 salesperson. Integrating MailChimp with your ecommerce store means you can make money while you sleep.

\ At Keetrax our focus is on growing your revenue and delighting your future clients.

If you want to grow your revenue by using best practice digital marketing then, we should talk.

As a MailChimp partner Keetrax has developed Email Direct Marketing (EDM) campaigns that build brand loyalty and increase revenue for clients across a huge range of categories. Marketing everything from hardware to organic food, undies to safety vests, sex toys to LEGO.

\ Automated Email Marketing sequences in Mailchimp integrate with Neto, Shopify and WooCommerce stores and allow you to connect and sell to your visitors after they leave your website.

For example a toy store using a Welcome Series, emailing new clients has added $17,196 in the last 7 months and $68,936 in sales from visitors who abandoned their cart. That is $86,032 in 7 months. Sales generated on auto-pilot.

Another example. A camping and outdoor supply company. In the last 17 months has added $105,850 from their Welcome and Abandon Cart email series.

A Spa Supply website has added $70,260 in the last 6 months using the Welcome & Abandon Cart email series we built.

\ How much extra, automatic revenue do you think is possible for your business?

\ Can you imagine getting paid month after month after month for work you commissioned one time?

Keetrax is a full service agency based in Nelson, New Zealand. That means you can engage us to

  • Work with you to develop and execute your marketing plan

  • Develop MailChimp EDMs

  • Develop Automated emails in MailChimp that integrate with your ecommerce store and generate sales automagically

  • Design jaw-dropping EDMs

  • Plan and execute Paid Ad campaigns on Google & FaceBook

  • Audit your website to identify opportunities to increase traffic and revenue

  • Increase your traffic from Google

  • Make tweaks to your website that improve your visitors experience, so they buy more

  • Develop custom API solutions

  • Report on everything so you can see the impact on your revenue

Thanks to our reputation for quality and our close partnership with Neto and MailChimp the majority of our clients are international. The only continent we do not have clients currently is South America although one of our team loves Tango and Argentine BBQ!!

Neto Specialists

Keetrax are Neto Specialists and are the developers of the popular Neto add-on MailChimp4Neto. The add-on is recommended by both Neto and MailChimp. It allows Neto store owners to integrate their store data with MailChimp and maximise their Automatic Email Series. The add-on makes the integration between your Neto store and Mailchimp easy. You can find out more about the plugin here

Why Choose Keetrax?

Clients choose Keetrax as their marketing agency for our expertise and track record. They appreciate our approach to pricing because it is clear, and up-front. No surprises. Every service

If you’ve worked with any other agency, you know the problems of old fashioned hourly billing. It’s hard for you to predict costs beforehand, it’s opaque and doesn’t translate to actual value to your business.

\ Have you ever been reluctant to contact your marketing agency for fear of bill shock?

Have you ever wondered if you are being overcharged when a more junior member on the team works on your site?

Have you ever wondered what the team was doing all those hours on your invoice?

If the answer is yes to any of those you know what we’re talking about!

You’ll understand why we declared war on bill shock. No more surprises!!

How it works?

When you first engaged us you received a copy of the Points Price List. It lists every service and the Points assigned. The Points are based on the value they deliver to your business.

That means that you always know exactly how much Keetrax is going to charge, and what value you will get from us. All up-front, no hidden surprises.

And that will stay the same no matter who in our small team works on your site.

\ You may have engaged us to design a logo, tweak or build your website, run an ad campaign or craft a MailChimp Automated Email series. Whatever work you want. You knew the cost before we began. Simple. Transparent. Easy.

Where To Start?

One of the services clients find super useful is our Email Opportunity Audit. The purpose is to review what you’re doing currently and offer suggestions to increase your revenue by utilising a range of email campaigns, both automatic and scheduled.

Let’s talk

If you are ready to level up your revenue and delight your clients we look forward to working with you.

Screenshot of template created by Keetrax.

"Cyber Monday Campaign" - for a motorcycle apparel company based in USA

Screenshot of template created by Keetrax.

"We Miss You Campaign", to bring back laps customers for a company based in Australia

Screenshot of template created by Keetrax.

Partial view of a "Welcome Email" for an outdoor gear company based in Australia

Screenshot of template created by Keetrax.

"General Product Information" EDM for a motorcycle apparel company based in USA

Screenshot of template created by Keetrax.

A major "Australian Day Sale Campaign" for an Australia based company that sells adventure riding gear

Screenshot of template created by Keetrax.

Simple "Seasons Greetings" campaign for a New Zealand based Company