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We Love Mailchimp! Konstruct is a Calgary based marketing agency. Let's make Email awesome again.

Calgary, Canada

Konstruct Digital


At Konstruct Digital, we specialize in constructing engaging customer experiences. People are at the core of every experience. Our deep understanding of how people interact with technology helps our clients continually execute at an exceptional level. We’ve crafted a team of the brightest from marketing to development, eager to make your projects and campaigns succeed. We have years of experience with Mailchimp and Email Marketing in general. We’re ready to help you take your Email Marketing Campaigns to the next level!

Getting Started

Ready to get started with Mailchimp or make the switch from your current email marketing platform? Konstruct Digital has you covered! We can move your mailing list over from your current email marketing platform or start from scratch so you can begin to reap the rewards of a great email campaign. Let us get you started on the path towards email marketing success.

API Development

Looking to do some really slick integrations with the Mailchimp API? We have a team of full-stack developers ready to help you out. We can integrate and synchronize Mailchimp with a number of platforms by using custom CMS. Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, or even E-Commerce applications like Big Cartel, Opencart and Magento. If it can be custom coded by our team of developer superheroes, we can make it happen.


Copywriting is our speciality. We’ve been at it for years! We have a ton of experience with copywriting both in and out of email campaigns. If you’re looking for content that’s been written to captivate and inspire the minds of your readers, this package is for you.


Looking to make some money with your email campaign? E-Commerce is a great way of doing that. We can integrate your email campaign with your preferred E-Commerce platform with our custom CMS / API Integration services. Looking to fine-tune how you’re selling stuff? We’ve made a sales funnel or two in our day. The marketing professionals at Konstruct Digital can help you dial in your offering and convert leads better than ever before.

Email Strategy

Already dabbling in Email marketing but unsure of how to go about it effectively? Konstruct Digital can help. We’re all strategic marketing professionals at heart. Sometimes, other considerations need to be taken in the grand scheme of things to go along with your Email campaign. We can develop a strategy for your brand that will win over your readers and get you the results you deserve.

Full Service

Alright, what if you just want it all? Konstruct Digital can do that too! Let us help you create the best email marketing campaign this world has ever seen. We offer a full stack of marketing services that we can apply to make a stellar email marketing campaign. E-Commerce integrations, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Strategizing, Template Designs, Training, you name it. As marketing professionals, we understand that this stuff can be difficult. We’re here to make this as easy for you as we possibly can.

Graphic Design

Looking to create a functional Email campaign that looks great too? No good Email campaign is complete without some awesome visuals! Konstruct Digital’s Design team is ready to give your Emails a look and feel that is congruent with your brand and will make your readers want to keep reading.


Want to handle your Email marketing campaign yourself but need a few pointers before you can get started? We get it. There are a lot of confusing things involved with Email marketing that can take a long time to learn. Konstruct Digital can give you the training you need to create and run a successful Email campaign and save you the headache of trying to learn it all by yourself.