KPI Science

Integrating Mailchimp with web sites and online marketing efforts across platforms. Building lists, coordinating email, and tracking results.


We help clients achieve business goals by integrating Mailchimp with their web site, social media, and other online marketing efforts.

Coordinating email subscription efforts, testing email campaign strategies, and measuring the results helps make marketing efforts more successful.

Careful focus on campaign tagging allows tracking and using statistics to improve campaign efficiency, leading to better return on investment and increased goal achievement.

Example of pop up on website

Growing lists with elegant and effective methods.

Screenshot showing integration set up page.

Integrating Mailchimp with other platforms.

Screenshot of lead tracking analytics.

Tracking and analysis to achieve business goals.

“My web site is getting more and better email subscribers for lower costs.”

Michael S., Realtor

“Sales from email campaigns have increased, and unsubscribes are down.”

Ben R., Distirbutor

“We're seeing better open rates and more sales from email campaigns.”

Mark K., Retailer