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Kromad creates beautiful, unique and practical branding material across all creative platforms. We are a one-stop-shop branding angry that design logos, build websites, and supports your brand through various print, web and social media needs. Currently operating out of Montreal, Kromad helps you shape your company's identity into a desired and sought-after experience for both your business and your customers.

Image of High Love ad
Rectangular image split evenly in half. Top half includes dark green background with several branded cards evenly lined up at an angle. Two cards are fully visible with different designs. On the left side, dark green card is covered in white tasteful designed doodles. The right card has logo in white in center of the card. Bottom half has light pink background with candle in the center. Candle is green with logo in white and it looks like it's reflected back in the light pink background underneath it.

Branding for Verde Vie

Rectangular image split evenly in half. Top half has light pink background with two cards at the center vertically aligned. Top card is a light brown shade with logo stenciled at center top. Bottom card is a white and/or light beige color with another branding design.

Design & Printing for Maison Blanche Photography

Vertical rectangle split into three even parts horizontally. Top part includes photo of three different shaped and branded cards. The cards have intricate floral designs and text is in cursive. Middle part of image has beige background with colorful logo at the center, which includes cursive text and a small attached illustration. Bottom half includes photo of an iPad with and image of a floor view of a fancy fountain as its background overlayed with a logo. iPad sits next to some greenery and a glass.

Stationary & Website for Karolina

Image of apple Macbook laptop opened to website homepage. Website unfolds below out of the laptop to show what it would look like if you began scrolling down on the website homepage. The unfolded website is in a rectangular shape with three distinct parts. Top part includes illustration of store with ecommerce links at the top. Below is an image of two people in a street sitting at a bench with accompanying supportive text to its left. Below this is a split image of the illustrated store and contact information on the right above a map of the store's location.

Web Design & Development for Arthurs Montreal