LAB51 creates awesome digital marketing campaigns & concepts for brands & organizations.

Tilburg, The Netherlands


We use E-commerce data for clients marketing strategy, such as automation, retention and personalization. With better content and improved templates we sell more products for our clients. We apply A/B testing to see which e-mail deliver the highest conversion rates and use this data to optimize our designs.

We love to work with automation mails such as Product Follow-up, Best Customers, Abandoned Cart and Re-Engagement. Besides e-commerce we use automation to streamline communication with our list subscribers.

Template design

Our e-mail templates are designed using all the important guidelines for HTML emails. This includes using nested table lay-out structure, testing for various e-mail clients and screen resolutions, inline CSS styling and regularly update our code to increase compatibility. The use of Mailchimp Merge Tags is used as well as the template language to create editable areas for our clients.

When it comes to design, we put a lot of thought in the user experience and the most effective way to communicate a message. We create simple yet effective designs with short texts and easy-to-see links in the form of big buttons. A lot of tested conventions are applied in the process.

We’ve also tested our e-mails to make certain they’re not considered as spam by applying various tips and tricks such as verifying our domains, taking in knowledge on the different practices applied by different e-mail clients. This gives us a broad view to deliver an optimal e-mail template to our clients. We’ve made the template and the client can easily edit and fill the content.