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LimeCuda helps businesses harness the power of the web by providing web development, design, and strategy services.

We build sites that are easy to update, cutting edge, and strategically positioned for success on the web.

We specialize in WordPress.

Website design shown in macbook layout and iphone. Both designs include dark grey background with a faint image of a house. Design is simple with white text found at center. Links at top of page in white text.

Christian Counseling & Education Foundation

Website design for fireworks company displayed in Macbook and iPhone layout. Both designs include logo at top of page with links in white text against black background. For Macbook webpage, large image of fireworks is at center of page. Towards bottom of fireworks image is text about company with contact information links. For the iPhone layout, image of fireworks is the background image for text that overlays at the center.

Zambelli Fireworks

Website design displayed in Macbook and iPhone layout. Web design includes branding and logo at the top of page along with header links. Faded image of energy plant in background at center of page with overlaying text and link to contact organization.

Broad River Electric Cooperative

Website homepage screenshot for a church. Logo in top right corner along with white text hyperlinks placed vertically in top left. Background image of sunset on the ocean makes up entire homepage. In the center, white text in cursive font overlays image, "Church Reimagined". Supporting text in smaller font and not cursive underneath.

Foursquare Church

Website homepage screenshot featuring logo and hyperlinks at top of page against white background. Image immediately below of red and white cells under that have been captured under microscope. Text overlays image in white. Below image, a video on the left against white background. To the right of video, autofill boxes in order to sign up for newsletter.

Thermo Fisher Blog

“Blake and Josh are FANTASTIC! They have always been willing to answer questions and troubleshoot any website issues that arise so that I can keep my business looking professional and competent. We love working with LimeCuda!”
“The team just completed out third site in 3 years and again the results, the interaction, the response, the creativity have all been excellent. Nice people and that is important, too. I'm just a customer. Could not recommend LimeCuda more highly.”
“Working with LimeCuda over the past three years has been one of our most strategic moves in the past decade. They came on board, received, (and worked with) our messiness with great humility and creativity. Then, they navigated a huge new site launch.”