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Words are important.

When you send an email to your database, you often only have a handful of words to convince the recipient to keep reading. Each and every word you use must be carefully selected. Otherwise, the reader will move on.

Email marketing can have a number of purposes:

  • Developing a relationship with your mailing list.

  • Positioning yourself as a ‘thought leader’ or expert in your field.

  • Targeting a message to specific readers.

  • Measuring message effectiveness.

  • Reaching large, global audiences quickly and cheaply.

But ultimately, each of these should achieve key outcomes:

Drive customers and increase business.

The key to successful email campaigns is good copy. That’s where Limeslade can support you. We specialise in crafting words that will help you achieve your objectives. Whether developing a knowledge sharing campaign, new product launch or promoting an event, work with us to curate an email strategy that will bring real results.

If you are looking to improve the success of your email campaigns, get in touch today to discuss how our support could help. Visit our blog for tips on improving your written communication.

About Us:

Limeslade is London’s leading built environment professional services marketing specialist. Based in central London, supporting clients around the world let us ensure your direct marketing reaches the people you need to reach at the right time in the right way.