LMB DigiMarketing

LMB ensures Mailchimp is optimized for strategic marketing approaches including segmentation, email marketing and web-lead integrations and touch points.

Atlanta, United States

We will spend time going through your business goals within Mailchimp marketing automation and determine your system is set up to tackle initiatives to achieve your goals. Is your system integrated with your website? Are you able to gather insight on your prospects and customers? Do you need nurturing workflows set up to build relationships with your leads? Let's do it!

"Laine was a crucial part to our relaunch. The automations and email marketing plan she implemented provided us with a streamlined process that targeted the right clients. Our open rates are up, as are our sales, and my overall time spent is down."
"Laine went above and beyond to meet my needs! She made a frustrating and difficult task stress-free. She is very knowledgeable and listened to what I wanted. She noticed things that I wasn’t even thinking of, making my website and emails look professional."
"Laine has shown us how to streamline our systems and clean up our marketing efforts to get organized. She was knowledgeable about how to integrate and create a marketing automation strategy, which also meant our data was ORGANIZED."