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Whether you're an e-commerce business looking to increase sales, a blogger trying to build your audience and push traffic to your affiliate site, or a locally-based organization that needs to recruit an army of rabid fans in your neighborhood, email marketing is still the best tool to accomplish this. Especially in today's ever changing landscape of social media. Email is the rock of any online business that needs to connect with their customers.

List Building and Website Integration

Email marketing is only as good as the list you create. Are you doing all that's available to build your list through pop-ups, sliders, hosted forms, or hidden, embedded sign-ups?

I provide custom integrations and integrations that fit perfectly with the mission and visual branding of your site.

List Management

Opting people into your site is great, but organizing them into Groups for specific marketing purposes will make all of your emailing efforts and automations much more efficient. Especially when you set up group management with automation features.

Also, it's counterintuitive, but removing cold contacts from your list from time to time also keeps a list healthy and engaged. I already have automations written to accomplish this that we can run on-demand, whenever you think your list is a little stale.


It's not enough to just have Mailchimp send out confirmation emails. You should also have several user-action automations based on their behaviors. Do you have an onboarding sequence? Do you want to deliver different downloads based on how people sign-up? Do you have an abandoned cart sequence to win back potential customers? Or what about product/service upsells based on purchase activity in your store (first time buyer, repeat buyer, purchased a specific product, etc.)?

How about when people open, click, or engage with your emails (or NOT)? No matter what your goal is with your email list, I can develop automations that save you time and increase your efficiency.

Constant Testing and Feedback (Analytics)

Using built-in Mailchimp analytics and integrating them with Google Analytics on your site gives the full picture of how and where your users are coming from and interacting with your site. Using analytics to drive strategy and creativity results in higher conversions. Testing, trying, and analyzing the feedback (through users' actions) is an ongoing process, but if you don't have these systems or know how to use them, you are missing out on achieving your goals.

The Bottom Line

Optimizing your email marketing systems should have been done years ago, but it's not too late. I have over 4 years of experience developing email marketing strategies, systems, website integrations, and carrying them out as part of a much larger business-wide marketing plan.

My clients have achieved so much success incorporating my expertise that I am now happy to offer full-marketing services as an agency. That also includes website optimization, social media management and advertising, content strategy, Google AdWords, and influencer marketing (in addition to everything listed here just for email marketing).

Additionally, I'm happy to offer all my services above in native-English AND native-Spanish.

Don't hesitate to schedule a consultation today. Your business's growth and sustainability depends on it.

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