Misfit Branding

Web Design | Digital Strategy | Digital Branding | Integrations | Mailchimp

Brisbane, Australia

Misfit Branding provides digital strategy form web design and development through to making sure everything works across all your digital profiles like social media channels, Mailchimp and applications.

Everything is designed with your brand in mind. Ensuring your content and design is on point and looking shit hot.

Mac desktop showing example website for military service members. Includes image of soldiers and a navigation bar on the right.

Misfit Branding manages the Wandering Warriors brand from the ground up. This includes their MailChimp campaigns and integrations for their website and online shop.

Macbook desktop displaying custom website. Includes faded background image alongside a logo on the right. Navigation bar below.

Working with the local AFL club, Springwood Pumas to redefine their online brand. Taking control of their digital profile. Made a little easier now with a fully functioning website and MailChimp integration.