Md Mahbub Hossan

Professional Email marketing strategist helping Mailchimp users to grow their business by implementing result driven marketing techniques.



One of the hard truth about digital marketing strategy is, there are so many tools available to promote your business but there are very few marketers who actually know, what tool to use for your specific business, and how to set a custom strategy which takes your business to guaranteed success.

Digital marketing is very effective but if you choose the wrong person, then it will just a waste of money and time or sometimes could even shut down your business.

As an Email marketer, I have been in this industry for the last 3 years, worked with 450+ clients in more than 39 countries with a proven track record. During my past projects, I have seen a common practice among my clients that they actually do not give proper emphasis on E-mail marketing platforms, and take this very lightly but I proofed that only email marketing can ensure the highest ROI (if it’s done properly by a professional) comparing another social marketing platform cause email marketing is a perfect direct communication system.

Whenever I took a project from my client at first I analyze the problem and then I try to find out a perfect solution based on my marketing knowledge and previous experience, and I implement them to get a good result.


    • Marketing automation via Mailchimp

    • list growing

    • strategic campaign setup

    • Google ad

    • Abandoned cart automation

    • order notification

    • Email copy

    • Account management and so on

    • All the strategies are custom and depend on your business and client requirements.

Email newsletter template in German. Colors include mint green, turquoise, white, green. Template includes block of text, images, graphic design, branding.

Project for German coach

Email newsletter template featuring image header of company logo, image of cargo ship, images of shipping products. Colors are various shades of blue.

Singapore shipping company

Email newsletter template for Comaco organization. Branding at top of page with black and white image header of an elephant. Overlaying text to announce website updates. Template includes images, blocks of text, CTAs, and graphic design.

Comaco- Client from Africa

Email newsletter template for beauty products company. Branding at top of page, image header of three smiling women outdoors. Newsletter is announcing new beauty product, hyperlinks to e-commerce store alongside images of women modeling beauty products. Contact information at the bottom.

USA fashion brand