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Full-service, budget-priced, email newsletter management including the sourcing of engaging content perfectly matched to the interests of your contacts.
Boston, Massachusetts
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Your newsletter design compliments the style of your business website and includes your business logo, website colors, and images. Once each week we completely update your newsletter with fresh, engaging content perfectly matched to the interests of your contacts. We manage everything week to week at a fixed low price so you can focus their time on growing their business. We have newsletters targeted to hundreds of business categories.

Image of paper on a bulletin board that says "people buy from people they trust".

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. An email newsletter will build your credibility by sharing interesting, informative and entertaining content.

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In a competitive market it's difficult to build your own identity. A well designed email newsletter will ensure you and your business stand out.

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Your contacts want to hear from you. Stay top-of-mind using a weekly or monthly email newsletter and you'll keep people engaged throughout the year.

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An email newsletter is a perfect way to present offers, highlight a service or product, promote activities or events, or anything you wish.

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With an engaging email newsletter, your contacts will view you and your staff as advisors and mentors. They'll remember you when they need help or asked for a recommendation.

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A newsletter prominently showcasing your company name and logo along with your photo is a surefire way to promote your business and personal brands.