Nice Design

It's n!ce to be noticed. From branding and design to websites and online marketing, we have you covered.

Pretoria, South Africa

LOGO & BRANDING DESIGN A logo design is where your branding design starts, but a logo isn’t a brand. With our branding design strategy, you get more than a logo. We give you a clear idea of how your branding can be used to impact your marketing strategies and create brand recognition.

PRINT & PRODUCT DESIGN Brick-and-mortar stores, online stores, even service based businesses. Every industry needs their products to be as recognizable as their logo. We design your products, printed materials, signage and packaging to be part of your brand, not just something you sell. We offer print and promotional branding items, designed and printing all-in-one.

WEBSITES & ECOMMERCE Being available online, offering your customers an easy way to purchase your product or get information about your services is paramount to your marketing pipeline’s success. Web design and Ecommerce can provide the highest RIO of any marketing investment. We create effective and feature rich website and online stores.

SOCIAL MEDIA & GOOGLE Social media has become the first point of contact for many businesses. Social media platforms give you a direct line to a targeted client base. Get your ads in front of the right people and take advantage of the snowballing effect that is viral content.

MESSENGER BOTS & EMAIL CAMPAIGNS Website chatbots can qualify leads or route visitors to the product, team or information they need. Bots provide an interactive way for your clients to discover your products, they can qualify leads and notify sales teams. Best of all, bots are always available, even when your team can’t be.

Make the most of your leads by doubling up on engagement. Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to communicate your brand to prospective clients and keep clients engaged and up to date on your business activities.