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*** Mailchimp Certified *** We provide successful and efficient Mailchimp and digital marketing training, and newsletter design, content and marketing.


I am Taina, founder of Oppila Oy. For many years I have helped companies of different sizes to start using Mailchimp efficiently. Oppila also provides help with newsletter template design and the content creation.

We always love to help clients - especially small and medium sized businesses - to start doing things themselves. Taina’s online, remote and classroom training has been praised by clients throughout the years for being thorough, pleasant and extremely professional.

Look no further if you need help with your newsletter! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to start or want to switch from another service. And we’ll help you with your other digital marketing needs as well - in English, Finnish or Swedish.

Check out the Oppila website at and contact us through the contact form.

Aerial view of teapot and half of Macbook against white background. Two decorative fern leaves placed next to these items. Black, capitalized text overlays image and consists of 4 centered lines. Beneath, centered blue lower-cased text. Below this, centered all black capitalized text in smaller font than the first.

Mailchimp newsletter template for your company - Mailchimp-kirjepohja yrityksellesi

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Mailchimp for beginnnners in Finnish with over 50 videolessons and a dedicated Facebook group - Mailchimp vasta-alkajille -verkkokurssi

Faded background image of a person in blue shirt with just upper body visible (no head) holding arm up. To left of image are graphic icons of a human and mail envelope. Right side of image is large text box that almost takes up entire top to bottom space. Text box has white background with smaller blue text box is inside it. Inside blue text box contains white text. In larger white text box, below the blue text box, contains blue text.

Learn to master your Mailchimp footer - Mailchimpin footer kuntoon

White background with graphic on left side of open laptop and open book overlaying it. Several symbols related to digital marketing seem to be pouring out of book and laptop. In the center of white background is Oppila Oy logo. On the right side is picture of woman making a thinking gesture and smiling upwards.

Learn Mailchimp with us

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We are happy to help you remotely, online or face to face!