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Since 2009 we at Optimal Norge have provided businesses small and large, within both B2B, B2C markets and non profits, the best insights and help to stand out in an ever evolving digital landscape. Through changing trends, platforms and methodologies, our agency has kept creating value for our partners. It's providing that value, that both our partners and their customers gain from, that pushes us forward.

Our focus is not just on attracting the desired audiences, but also striving to keep them coming back to be engaged and delighted over what our partners bring to their respective markets.

We love to use this quote from the great Seth Godin as a guiding star for how we approach marketing:

"Online marketing has become a messy mix of direct marketing, SEO, tricks, tips, code and guesswork. It’s an always-moving target and it’s mostly focused on tactics, not strategy, because tactics are easy to measure.

Marketing online, on the other hand, is what happens when the work to serve our audience arrives in an electronic form. Marketing online is simply marketing–the act of making things better by making things–aided by a mouse and a keyboard.

Careful not to get stuck focusing on the wrong one. You need both, but one drives the other."

Landing page template. Page is split vertically in half. Left image is man in yellow winter coat standing with arms folded looking satisfied. Right side has white background with black text. Logo at the top with text boxes to input information. Below these two images is a break with a title and three photographs below aligned horizontally. The photos are cut off at the bottom.

Landing page created in Mailchimp, for our client Ferner Jacobsen, a chain of high end clothing and fashion stores established in 1926.

Email template. Template can be split into five separate parts. Top part has navy blue background with white logo at center and bolded white text below as title. Below this text is a vertical image header of a model posing in front of an old theatre. Below this image is a white background with black center aligned text. Black button with white text below and top half of photograph of woman modeling a shirt but the rest of the image is cut off.

Email campaign created in Mailchimp, for our client Ferner Jacobsen.

Email template. Header is top 1/3 of page and has navy background with logo at center and title in white text underneath, both are center aligned. Below this is illustration of mountain range and lake with several misty clouds. Below this is email message in black text against white background with important points in bold. Below is green horizontal bar with white text including contact information.

Email campaign created in MailChimp, for our client Biovita, a provider of health supplements.