Paige Slaughter, Fruition Studio

Delegate without sacrificing authenticity. Fruition Studio collaborates with small businesses to design & implement sustainable content marketing strategies.
Carbondale, Colorado
+1 650-787-8707

Not a freelancer. Not an agency. Like you, I’m driven by purpose. By a deep desire to effect change, empower others and help build a better world. Offering full-spectrum email marketing, copywriting and graphic design services, I help you resonate with the right people – the ones you serve, who’ll love your product and tell the world about it. Fruition Studio was born from a persistent love of storytelling. Stories connect us. They help us get beneath the surface, transcend the superficial – relate to the humans whose hands build furniture, toss pizzas, harvest peaches, bandage wounds. Stories reveal our intentions, our pain, our desires. They’re the bridge connecting creators and consumers – Connecting you and those you serve. As a deep listener and strategic thinker, I built Fruition Studio to help purpose-driven businesses like yours connect with customers in a way that’s both meaningful and profitable. The digital age brought with it a new era of marketing – and it’s a wonderful one. Unlike billboards and TV ads, today’s marketing platforms require something special: consent. Marketing is an exchange between creator and consumer. Today, consumers seek out information. They choose which blogs to read, which companies to follow, which emails to open and which ones they’ll mark as spam. Please, don’t let this paradigm shift discourage you. This is a good thing! Because you don’t have to have a massive budget to reach your audience. You don’t have to shout the loudest. All you need to do is resonate. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach rooted in content creation. Creating and sharing valuable content consistently builds trust between you and your audience. You reach the right people. Your people fall in love with you and what you offer. Your work spreads. Content marketing doesn’t need to be overly complicated. I’m not interested in wrestling with ever-changing algorithms, counting “likes” on social media, or paying for ads left and right. I’m interested in your story – in telling it in a way that resonates with those you serve. Because when you’re driven by purpose, when you truly want to better the lives of your customers, there’s no need for fancy tricks. Just clear communication, a bit of strategy, and a heaping spoonful of compassion.

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