Paul Greenstein

Training and consultancy. Cutting edge email template coding. Workshops and courses in Mailchimp, web development and digital design.
Melbourne, Australia

Mailchimp Training

With more than 20 years experience as a trainer and instructional designer, I've presented Mailchimp courses, workshops and seminars to a wide range of clients, from freelancers and small businesses to corporates. Visit my website to find out more about my Mailchimp training courses and the other topics I teach.

When it’s appropriate, I like to run workshop sessions with my clients, combining consultancy with training. This provides a great learning experience while getting the job done at the same time.

A short summary of the topics we cover during Mailchimp courses and workshops

  • Audience organisation - learn how to use Tags, Groups and other criteria such as audience engagement or e-commerce activity to segment your audience. Targeted campaigns perform better by far - this is one of the most important and powerful features in Mailchimp.

  • Combining audiences - turn multiple mailing lists into a beautifully segmented master audience!

  • Signup forms - hosted, embedded, third party forms, learn how to gather the data you need from your subscribers.

  • Drag and Drop template design - the drag and drop Template Designer can perform wonders. Learn great techniques for designing and building your own templates with no coding.

  • Image optimisation - learn how to design and optimise images that look great and download quickly.

  • Merge tags - use Mailchimp’s merge tags to personalise and customise your campaign content.

  • Content, Subject, Preheader - tips and tricks for content creation and presenting your emails in the inbox.

  • Automation - one of the most powerful features in Mailchimp - set up sophisticated workflows that run themselves.

  • Landing Pages - build highly focused webpages to gather new subscribers or promote a product

  • Surveys - use Mailchimp’s newest features to gather valuable data from your contacts.

  • Integrations - connect Mailchimp to other apps such as CRM software and to social media.

  • Basic Coding - learn simple techniques for enhancing drag and drop templates.

  • Advanced coding - for developers, learn how to code your own cross-platform, mobile-friendly email templates.

Consultancy and development

I provide a full service up to and including managing your account and sending out Email Campaigns on your behalf. Get in touch and let's talk about how I can help.


"Paul was a fantastic instructor, and I was impressed with how the course content was tailored specifically to my needs and challenges. He walked me through the platform in a way that was easy to understand and relatable, while giving real world examples of how it could help grow my business. Would thoroughly recommend."

Kayla Robertson, Host, All Being Well Podcast

"It was great to have small group training with a really knowledgeable instructor who gave us the opportunity to ask questions specific to how we use Mailchimp in our role. I feel much more confident to navigate the changes to the Mailchimp platform after attending this course."

Bree Smith, Communications Coordinator, GP Training

An email template built for Nula
An email template built for Nimble
An email template for Mining People International
An email template built for Hoodie Up
An email template built for Ricarda