Penna Powers

Penna Powers is a fully integrated advertising, public relations, digital and public involvement agency.

United States

Currently, we are the only Utah agency that is part of the Mailchimp Partner Program.

That means we can help you connect with your customers, promote your business and tell your story with a catered email marketing plan that best suits your brand.

Our email marketing expertise offers a variety of elements that range from:

Creating Email Templates — Work alongside you to develop a better understanding of your business’ needs and goals, then design a custom email template that best suits your brand.

Design & Send Campaigns — Create a cadence of regular weekly or monthly emails that help promote events, offers and critical news to various subscriber lists.

List Management — We will show you how to build and boost your subscriber lists and offer insights and suggested strategy for sorting and overseeing your audience.

Audience Segmentation — Deliver tailored content to specific consumers based on demographics such as location, gender, age and ethnicity.

Email Automation — Deepen the relationship between you and your customers through carefully pre-crafted, triggered content that will target the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

A/B Testing — Grow your business by testing subject lines, images and send times to see which marketing strategies and tactics resonate best with your audience.

Status Reports — Deliver monthly reports on the performance of your email campaigns and help you discover your brand's top KPIs for success.

Website Integration — Enable a fluid website to email relationship using signup forms that directly populate new subscribers into your MailChimp account.

Cross-Channel Promotion — Offer website development, social media strategy and tactics, as well as paid advertising concepts to form a cohesive look and enrich the consumer experience across multiple platforms.

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“Don't bother going anywhere else. Penna Powers is simply the best advertising agency around. They employ the smartest and most talented professionals in the industry. They always deliver and are enjoyable to work with!”