PowerHouse Consulting Group

All-in-One High-Performance Digital Marketing & Business Development Strategies, International Consulting Agency Operating in Southeast Asia

Bangkok, Thailand
English, Italian, Greek, Thai
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Our core philosophy is becoming your ONE touch-point to improved business results. Due to our experience and connections, we can support your business with a wide variety of information and services.\ \ Our team is in the business of building long-term business relationships with our clients who tend to work with us indefinitely because of a flow of consistent innovative ideas they receive regarding their business development.\ \ ▶ DOING BUSINESS AS A WAY OF LIFE\ We believe in working with business-people who are passionate, driven, and self-motivated for results because this is how we operate in our daily life. The reason we don’t limit our consulting services in specific areas is that we are consistently learning, improving, and becoming an even more valuable asset to our clients.\ \ All of our team is in business, self-made entrepreneurs with a wide variety of backgrounds. A group of people who are already running various businesses with much success. That’s an added benefit for your business, dealing with people who are already in the trenches, trying different things every day — not a bunch of well-dressed office employees.\ \ ▶ AREAS WE CAN WORK TOGETHER\ We work with Entrepreneurs in SME’s, Senior Executives, Business Owners & Corporate Teams in the below areas: \ \ 🎯 Linkedin™️ Corporate Training & Individual/Company Profile Optimization\ 🎯 Linkedin™️ Marketing Campaigns, Sales Lead Research & Corporate Recruitment\ 🎯 Offline/Online Marketing Strategies & Campaigns (SEM/PPC)\ 🎯 Personal Career Branding & Development\ 🎯 Company (SME) Branding Campaigns & Planning\ 🎯 Individual Leadership Coaching & Advising\ 🎯 Business Development Strategies & Scenarios\ 🎯 Start-up Business Plans & Presentations for VC’s\ 🎯 Sales & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Training\ 🎯 Creating/Optimizing Copywrite that Sells on Digital & Paper Media\ 🎯 E-commerce Platform Development & Global Marketplaces Strategy