Rani Wise Consulting

Boutique marketing and consulting agency that specializes in supporting women and minority led small businesses and non-profit organizations.

United States

Rani Wise Co. is a boutique marketing consulting agency working with clients across the country and in our home base of Boston, Massachusetts. We create and implement digital marketing strategies for lifestyle businesses and small non-profit organizations specializing in providing solutions for women and minority founders and leadership teams. Our clients are artisans, small businesses, practitioners, and non-profit organizations looking to grow with limited resources and budgets. As a small team, we build strong relationships with our clients and are passionate about our work and the results. Gender equality is central to our work. We work to empower female founders and leaders by helping their businesses grow and their teams succeed. As a team, we foster a culture that builds confidence in young women looking to start their careers and make an impact in the world. To us, marketing is so much more than promoting or selling products and services. It’s an opportunity to help women achieve success as entrepreneurs and inspire others to do the same.

Photo of woman sitting in chair and smiling at camera. Bottom one third of image has purple shape overlaying with white text reading, "woman owned, woman operated"

The Woman-Owned Woman-Operated podcast features female founders in the process of building a business. We give a platform for women to share their stories about growing small businesses and bring transparency to the challenges women face on this journey.