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In this technologically savvy world, we have about two seconds to catch your attention before you swipe (hopefully) right. Founded in the mantra that beautiful designs (the rhyme) are born from smart ideas (the reason), we believe you can’t have one without the other. Throughout the last decade of creating quippy messages, strategic designs and comprehensive campaigns, we have honed our creative chops and helped our clients conceptualize their brands from ideation to launch. As a full service agency, we provide creative solutions that not only generate brand awareness, but encourage action. From branding and design to websites and digital marketing, we implement a myriad of materials that create brand ambassadors within your organization as well as with your target markets.


CONA Services: As an entirely new organization, CONA Services was starting from the ground up to build a brand and a digital presence. Though part of the Coca-Cola System family, CONA Services is unique in that it focuses on supporting the bottling business with supreme IT services. Therefore, the company needed a completely separate web presence to both announce the organization’s solutions and services to Coca-Cola bottlers throughout North America and build awareness of the company among potential employees and partners.

Oregon City: The positive growth momentum has helped Oregon City establish itself as a community to pay attention to, recently winning the 2018 Great American Main Street Award. Recognition, accolades, upgrades, expansions — there are a variety of big, noteworthy things happening in Oregon City, and the city needed a way of sharing the information that would be engaging, shareable and memorable. But it needed to be completed in time for the mayor’s address, within a specific budget and have a yearlong shelf life.

Alpha Omicron Pi: Focus groups confirmed that the Alpha Omicron Pi brand was “old and dated” and no longer embodied the energy of current members. The organization is full of vibrant women, and the brand lacked a dynamic, cohesive identity. After a full internal and external audit, the Alpha Omicron Pi leadership determined it was time for a complete brand overhaul, including a new logo, tagline, business system materials, website and promotional videos.

The Alice G. Winn & Family Heritage House: One of the company’s earliest properties, the Heritage House, located in Newburyport, Massachusetts was tapped to undergo a name change and an enhancement of its productive offerings. The senior living facility would be the first venture in a housing-based healthcare partnership that enables residents to gain access to health care providers on property. In addition to announcing the new, innovative concept, the Heritage House would be renamed the Alice G. Winn Family & Heritage House after Gil Winn’s late mother—honoring the past, while creating a legacy for the future.

City of Conyers, Georgia: This historic town generally lacked a sense of community and civic pride. The City of Conyers realized it needed a refreshed brand identity to excite residents and remind them of all their city has to offer. The previous logo lacked the necessary pizazz and felt too traditional and outdated.

Behind every beautiful design is a smart idea, and here at Rhyme & Reason Design we believe that you can’t have one without the other. Take a peek behind the scenes and learn about what makes our shop so special.