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In this technologically savvy world, we have about two seconds to catch your attention before you swipe (hopefully) right. Founded in the mantra that beautiful designs (the rhyme) are born from smart ideas (the reason), we believe you can’t have one without the other. Throughout the last decade of creating quippy messages, strategic designs and comprehensive campaigns, we have honed our creative chops and helped our clients conceptualize their brands from ideation to launch. As a full service agency, we provide creative solutions that not only generate brand awareness, but encourage action. From branding and design to websites and digital marketing, we implement a myriad of materials that create brand ambassadors within your organization as well as with your target markets.


CONA Services: Three years ago, CONA Services was a brand new entity created by Coca-Cola Bottlers for Coca-Cola Bottlers. Since then, the organization has grown up, developing an unparalleled IT and user experience platform, while innovating solutions to ensure greater opportunities for bottler success. The organization’s year-over-year advancements warranted a new digital presence to creatively show why and how they are the top-rated solution and IT service provider for bottlers and establish CONA Services as a forward-thinking business.

Oregon City: Positive growth momentum has helped Oregon City establish itself as a community to pay attention to, recently winning the 2018 Great American Main Street Award. With a variety of big, noteworthy things happening the city needed a way of sharing the information that would be engaging, shareable and memorable.

Core Property Capital: Core Property Capital is an ever-growing provider of real estate investments and asset management. Known for a “best-in-class” approach to partnerships and client services, the experienced team has found success across market cycles ensuring sound, ethical and focused investments. In the midst of a global pandemic and social unrest, CPC’s team came to R&R seeking assistance in keeping their properties relevant, safe, healthy and kind. From outdoor shopping destinations to multi-level office buildings, the organization needed to provide consistent communication pieces to help educate the public on socially-distant outdoor events, health initiatives and tenant-first offerings.

Discover Monroe-West Monroe: Monroe-West Monroe LA CVB is an organization whose mission it is to attract conventions and tourists to the area. It acts as a resource for building and extending the community, while offering a centralized location for information and a platform for education. Additionally, it develops experiences and supports the preservation of the local economy. R&R was asked to help develop a comprehensive organizational rebrand and through in-depth focus groups, it was determined that most constituents were interested in seeing a modernized message and brand that would aid in unifying the twin cities and increasing positive perceptions of the area among young professional visitors and family-focused residents.

Your Holiday Haven: Discover Dunwoody GA was looking to create a unique brand identity for their holiday travel season. They wanted to make Dunwoody, GA the holiday destination within metro Atlanta, while encouraging guests to stay and play. Looking for traditional with a twist – to create a festive and stress-free destination for visitors, where they can check their list as well as pause to enjoy each moment.