We tell stories that matter. Our team helps brands come to life through a variety of mediums, using integrated communication strategies that really work.

United States

See.Spark.Go began in 2007 with a desire to tell the best stories in the world. Stories that matter. Our team of talented storytellers make brands come to life through a variety of mediums. With a decade under our belts, our team has extensive relationships with media outlets across the nation. Whether a hyperlocal, timely campaign to drive traffic or an amplified, targeted, national awareness campaign, we can run it soup to nuts. All of this fits seamlessly into a grander strategy of integrated communication—the strongest way of building a brand—from social media and influencer marketing to earned third-party endorsements and purchased media. Ultimately, we believe in relationships and results. In other words, we have fun doing work that matters with you, and we're really good at it.

Photograph of company employees sitting down and smiling.

We help brands grow in influence by leveraging one foundational resource—our team! We match skills and interests to clients and responsibilities to achieve success. Partner with SSG to amplify your brand’s voice with some of the best communicators around.