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Team of designers and developers from Serbia, specialized in MailChimp templates design and development.


We bring pixel perfect multipurpose Responsive Malichimp Email Templates and Custom Automation.

ShineDesign Studio is a Top-rated Mailchimp certified partner that provides fully customizable and responsive email templates, modified to support any email marketing campaign. We specialize in all things Mailchimp, including newsletter design. Every successful email starts with a perfect template.

Professional, credible email reflects your personality and contact list. Our templates are carefully designed to work for different types of business. Send our Multipurpose template for work emails, use the family or friends template for casual correspondence. All email templates include gift boxes, to-do lists and other visual elements to make your message stand out.

At ShineDesign Studio, your success is one automation process away. We make your life easy with personalized automatizations that are easy to customize for maximum conversion. Our workflows generate maximum ROI, leading the implementation of a new customer tracking and analytics software to help streamline operations and provide insight into customer behavior.

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of online advertising. So why make an unappealing email when you can create something fantastic instead?

Screenshot of email newsletter campaign.

Newsletter for Austrian Marketing Agency.

Promotional flyer for a perfume company. Flyer includes photos of different products against a faded backdrop of a photo of a smiling woman. Logo in top left corner in white text. Center of image includes promo information and hyperlink buttons.

Promotional email for FragranceX company. (design+coding)

Newsletter campaign for clothing store. Features logo in the center and hyperlinks below. Photo of woman cut off at the waist posing. Text in pink font detailing promotional content to the right of her face.

Newsletter for TS Accessories for their Clothing Sale (design+coding)

Email newsletter campaign for a catering/entertainment service. Template can be divided into three separate parts. Image header is a photo of an open book with magical light emerging from its center. Decorative font as title emerges within the this light. Below, white background with various images of DJs, catered food, and people dancing and using a photo-booth with accompanying descriptive text about each service offered.

Coding of the provided design for "Plan a Events" company

Email newsletter campaign with an image header that includes the logo, title, and digital illustration of a pizza chef offering you a slice of his pizza. The colors are red, black and white.
Email template design