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United States

You have goals. We’ll help you meet them. Whether you’re looking for an overall marketing strategy that marries advertising, social media, and publicity, or just a stand-alone digital ad, social media, or PR plan, we can help. Whatever your scope or budget, Smarthouse can craft a customized campaign that meets your specific needs.

“Smarthouse Creative jumped in as our PR firm for a run at SIFF and with very little lead time, very few media assets from our production team, and a hefty workload already on their plate, the team delivered with flying colors.”
“The Breach is my best attempt at a love story for wild salmon and I spent five years working on it. I placed the care of its social media run during our 20-city national tour into the capable hands of Ryan and Brad and it was a true delight.”
“Perhaps the best part about working with Smarthouse is that you can give them a massive wish list and know that they will explore every avenue… that’s a huge piece of mind for us.”
“I’m so grateful I strategized with Smarthouse Creative. They saved me time, money and worry and helped me find my audience.”
“Working with Ryan Davis at Smarthouse Creative was an absolute joy. She helped me get global press for my documentary project ‘Losing Sight of Shore’ that there’s no way I could have gotten on my own.”
“We loved working with Smarthouse Creative for the 5th edition of the Romanian Film Festival! Our main objectives were to reach out to a more diverse audience, have the festival covered by local media and secure interviews - they did a really great job.”
“Having Smarthouse Creative on our team as we embarked on our crowdfunder for Personhood, was a huge asset. At each stage of the planning and execution, Amie Simon gave us personalized attention and advice that helped us reach our ambitious goal.”
“Ryan Davis is the QUEEN of the Universe, she makes planets spin and stars glow. I am so deeply grateful and pleased with all of her excellent help, advice and herding of my strange ideas.”