Sort My Events

Digital Marketers at heart! Event managers during the day and Mailchimp Ninjas in between. As one of the best marketing tools out there we specialize in it.

Belgium - Antwerp
English, Russian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Ukrainian

Marketing managers with Digital and Events Management flavour

At Sort My Events we believe that using the right marketing tools helps us and helps our clients achieve their business goals. With Mailchimp being one of the best platforms out there is by no doubt the platform to use when it comes to email marketing.

We specialize in Digital marketing and we know how to work with Mailchimp to reach the email boxes of your clients and increase those clicks!

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Set up your Mailchimp account

  • Create and Brand your custom email templates

  • Customized and categorize your audience

  • Build automated workflows

  • Run A-B testing

  • Keep your email lists health

  • Decode the reports

And much more. Simply drop us a line with your Mailchimp goals and for the very least we can give you free marketing advice on your next steps be it with us or with fellow Mailchimp-masters