Helping businesses win with email marketing and put a SPIKE in their sales.

Auckland, New Zealand

There are a ton of businesses that will get you ‘up and running’ with Mailchimp. Great! What then?

Spike will put you on the fast track from up and running to sprinting and getting results in no time.

Our rock-solid production processes and a commitment to taking care of the detail are the secrets to successful email strategies. It’s not glamorous. It’s not easy to be consistent because you probably have other aspects of your business where you’d rather spend your time. So, that’s why there’s Spike.

We act as your in-house email marketing team; we test, we analyse and tweak all of those elements that contribute to creating emails that get results. And once we’re getting the results, we do it, again and again, to keep your email strategy working hard.

The role of marketing is to acquire and keep customers profitably. The most effective way to do this by a factor of 42 to 1 is email marketing. Spike will work with you to:

  • Acquire new customers

  • Get your current customers to spend more

  • And keep your customers spending with you as long as possible

  • Yup! I’m keen to start winning with Mailchimp and email marketing. Let’s go!

Our rigorous pre-launch process

Cleans and updates your customer database before developing targeted messaging strategies that are designed to appeal directly to potential customers. And if you haven’t got a database we’ll advise you on the best way to buy or build one.

Clear, focussed and response-driven messaging

Is key to creating Email With Purpose. So we’ll thoroughly review your customers, unearthing the insights that turn emails into attractive and valued propositions. Through compelling copy and attention-grabbing design we’ll lift your messages above the noise of competing businesses and deliver the essential cut through your campaign needs.

Industry best-practice testing and reporting

Is a fundamental requirement if your campaign is to remain relevant and responsive. Using proven messaging tactics and response analysis ensures that your campaign is constantly reviewed against performance criteria. Keeping your messaging on point and working hard throughout the campaign’s lifetime.

Email Marketing

Build, test, design, send. We’re specialists in inbox placement, avoiding spam filters, and optimising responsiveness.

Email Strategy

We provide end-to-end email marketing services and are a proven and dependable email marketing partner.

Copy and Design

Spike will help you write copy and design email templates that get noticed and get you the results you're after.


We take pride in coding pixel perfect HTML emails that give your customers the best experience on any device and ensure inbox placement.


Ensures the email is readable across all platforms and devices including mobile and desktop. And, all the links go to the right places.

Customer Database

Creation, curation, management. If you haven’t got a customer database we’ll advise you on the best way to buy or build one.

Creative resource

We're a team of many interests and skills that will help you write the right thing, choose the right images and make your offers stand out.


An enterprise platform that provides SMS capabilities including Email to SMS, Personalisation & Conversational two-way SMS.

Get in touch and we will help you make use of your current customers to help your business grow.

Spike are trusted Mailchimp Partners