Square Balloon

Conversion Orientated Design Agency!

London, United Kingdom
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Being conversion & design orientated, our campaigns work. We've used Mailchimp for a long time, and we've got a large portfolio to prove it! We know what works and what doesn't, and can tailor campaigns and designs to meet your business need, and budget!

Form and Function

At Square Balloon we believe in going the extra mile for our clients. We're not satisfied with simply designing a beautiful email, we also want to make sure it converts.

That's why we invest a lot of time into researching new tips and techniques for improving conversions, as well as testing them in real life, and analysing the data that is returned.

An Obsession with Stats

We're not ashamed to say that we're geeks, we like data, and we WILL get excited by it; and we'll turn that in to tangible results. Don't let that scare you though, we're happy to talk in layman's terms about what we do, and provide each element of your business with the results as they need them.

Provided in an Easy Way

If the director just needs to know cost, revenue and profit that's what he or she will get. If the campaign manager needs more detailed analysis that's what he or she will get. If everyone wants to just leave it to us, that's fine too. We take pride in our work, and will aim to improve your business one email at a time with or without any major input from above.

Let's Get Started!

Contact Square Balloon today and see how we can help you, or ask us for a portfolio of our HTML email designs, or evidence of our previous successful work. For now, here's a quote that one of our kind clients supplied.

"Square Balloon are one of those companies that make you wonder how you ever managed before! Their dedication and commitment to your campaigns are second to none, they fully integrate marketing campaigns across all mediums to build a one-stop solution for your business. But it doesn't stop there, once the campaigns have gone they constantly monitor response rates to build a picture of your customers to tailor the next campaigns to better your ROI on every mailing. It goes without saying that their creative solutions are simply stunning and attention to detail is amazing."
Jason Gray, Acorn Media UK