Studio Mitte Digital Media GmbH

Als passionierte Full-Stack Web-Agentur, führen wir unsere Kunden gerne durch Strategie & Konzept bis zu Design, Umsetzung & Betreuung Think. Design. Develop.

Linz, Austria
English, German, French
+43 732 272770

Established in 2007, we are a team of passionate specialists in terms of internet technologies, supporting our clients in developing digital solutions. Our expertise ranges from strategy and conceptual consulting to design and development of sophisticated websites and applications as well as online marketing, search engine optimization and social media.


We focus on pushing towards an ongoing progress of the digital strategy, together with our clients. Yes, we are an award-winning partner, but really – we want to concentrate on what’s the most important:

Concept & Strategy

The most important part of a project is the joint creation of its requirements and goals. Who is the target audience? What’s the added value for users? What challenges in terms of content and technology needs to be mastered?

Design, Interaction & UI

We live “content first” – i.e. we like to work in a form follows function way, much rather than the other way around. The usage of web standards and responsive concepts empower users to experience optimised usability across all platforms.

Development & Maintenance

No question, we are technology-junkies. However, we don’t want to force “that one solution” down our clients’ throats; we put big emphasis on choosing the best tool for whatever task needs to be tackled. We call ourselves “technology agnostic”.

That being said, we emphasise on using proven tools, focussing on TYPO3, Shopware, Shopify, WordPress, Laravel as well as Magento. Partnerships are a big part of our strength. Amongst others, we partner with TYPO3, Shopware, Shopify, Magento, Mollie and Sendcloud, as well as – obviously – Mailchimp.

Studio Mitte & Mailchimp

Studio Mitte has been using Mailchimp since 2008 and catered to many different clients – from very small shops to multi-national clients. While we also consult in online marketing and Mailchimp technology questions specifically, we like to dive in and develop a strategy together with our clients, greasing up and connecting existing systems to the Mailchimp API if need be.

Why Studio Mitte?

We emphasise on seeing eye to eye with our clients and focus on long term relationships.

We jokingly call ourselves the web fire brigade. Why is that, you ask? Good question … On a regular basis we get called into existing setups and projects, to get the processes unstuck and get the project across the defined finish line.

We’d love to hear about your ideas and challenges!