Task Diva

I love to partner up with solopreneurs and small business owners, to help them with their Mailchimp newsletters, social media support and website management.
Christchurch, New Zealand

I'm like a next level virtual assistant. I support you in your business by helping you plan, create and implement those creative tasks that you don’t enjoy doing, are not skilled at, or simply just don’t have time for. Not only just completing tasks, I work with you to support and nurture your business and help it to grow.

I will partner up with you to help with your Mailchimp newsletters, social media support and website management, plus many other creative tasks such as: eBooks, Forms, Templates, Client Surveys, Photo & Image Editing, Blog Publishing and Content Writing. Mailchimp newsletters are my favourite task as I can use my creative skills to design and create fantastic newsletters that get read.

I help my clients: • Setting up client Mailchimp accounts • Subscriber upload from spreadsheet • Creating branded templates • Designing and writing campaigns • Sign up forms and opt ins • Email nurture sequence • Social media sharing • Content collaboration with clients • Content and images created • Scheduled ready to send

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Debbie Mills Robertson

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